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How do you make all of this

Positive Thinking & Self Improvement theory actually work?

We have prepared this free SEVEN STEP self healing and self awareness course to help you answer that question for yourself.


This very practical course has been designed to give you the opportunity to find that secret part of yourself that has been hidden for so long, that you may have forgotten that it exists at all.


There IS a hidden oasis deep inside you where all things are known, but up until now, precious little has been revealed.


Hopefully, the contents of this course will help you find that serene, peaceful, creative and strong part of you which really DOES exist at the deepest levels of yourself.


All you have to do, apart from fully absorbing the healing energies embedded into our audio meditation exercises and perhaps reading the text of each lesson, is to relax and allow yourself to drift down to your subconscious levels and receive this healing help and assistance to find this deeply spiritual part of yourself.


Sure you must have intent.  You must really want to improve your life.  But you must also learn not to try too hard, just let go of all tensions and worries and let your deeper levels of being come to you.


The Positive Spiritual Force which is the real author of this course wants to help you achieve your very own and unique self healing and self awareness.


This is to be done as a quiet form of evolution in yourself.  No hype.  No pressure.  No false promises.


Study the contents of this course.   Relax to the relaxation exercises and music, at your own pace, in the privacy and security of your own home.


We believe our Path to Unity course will provide you with some very practical relaxation and meditation techniques which will really help you improve your health and happiness.

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